If an Employee is Not Performing, Fire Them Fast!

corporate Dec 26, 2018

No this isn't an insensitive bully your employees article... keep reading.  

If you have started a business, been a CEO, or someone with hiring responsibilities you can relate to this scenario. You interview multiple people multiple times and finally decide on you think is your rockstar. They have the track record, resume, interview skills, and references every single box is checked. And then it happens...

You pulled the trigger on hiring them and about 3-4 months down the road they aren't living up to your expectations or their promises. To give you an example, with one of my companies we had made a couple of bootstrap sales between my partner and I and we were ready to scale. We brought in a "superstar" VP of Sales that could help us build the sales team and also help accelerate the sales cycle.  

As the decision maker this puts you in a precarious position. I know for me there was definitely some pride issues that can cloud your judgement after all you made the...

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