Why Hacks and Shortcuts to Success Won’t Cut It

entrepreneurship Dec 20, 2018

Imagine you are in 8th grade again and your science fair project won a national award. You feel there is nothing you can’t conquer, and in fact, your project just might be worth something in the real world. So, let’s say, you decide to skip high school altogether – and take your award-winning project/idea to the masses.

Now, think back to high school… all of the early mornings, lessons, tests, homework and hard work you put into four years of advanced learning. We all joke about how so many of those classes would never apply to real life, but the truth is that we took away more than diplomas and degrees. We learned that putting in time and effort will reap huge rewards.

Ok, so let’s go back to that big project, the big idea. You might be in a similar place right now, reading this because you are on the brink of taking a new product or service to consumers. And by now, you’ve probably even read and reviewed services like ClickFunnel, Amazon Gurus or the Quickest Way to Earn 7 Figures, etc. (you get the point). Not to say that you can’t sell your product or service successfully using these tools, but it’s not good business practice to rely on these alone. If these resources were uniquely valuable, they would not be available to anyone and everyone. You will be served up a ton of ads and tempted to take shortcuts with all of the internet "shiny objects," but I advise my clients to take caution when it comes to this phenomenon I call "death by 1,000 tools."

The truth is, there is no real overnight success or shortcut to being truly successful. Sure, we’ve seen some entrepreneurs turn into millionaires quickly, but it’s unlikely that they skipped over important processes to finally catch their break. And the truly successful entrepreneurs, the ones that we all know of and hear about often, are still working and still evolving as leaders and innovators. That means, their hard work started long before their fame or fortune – and their hard work continues so that they don’t lose their success.

For example, Starbucks. Most people are astonished to learn that Starbucks was actually founded in 1971 - nearly 50 years ago! Contrary to a popular belief that Starbucks saw overnight success, Howard Schultz bought Starbucks in 1987, took over as CEO, and grew Starbucks from 17 stores to now more than 28,000 stores in 77 countries. 

Success is not final and failure is not fatal. In my world of executive business coaching, these words are truer than any. I coach executives and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business but this does not necessarily mean they will find automatic success. We have to work together to form productive habits and routines, thought stop, break patterns, write – and stick to – actionable plans, and so on and so forth. Self/business improvement does not stop just because we’ve identified a solution. If that were true, no idea would come to fruition. The coaching process exists so that we can fine tune who and what we are and how we proceed down the path of professionalism.

All of that said, the journey to success must be taken with the right guidance and leadership. The right entrepreneur coach will make sure you are taking the right path, whether it’s the shortest, longest, widest or narrowest. No two entrepreneurs will walk side by side on their journeys, which is why it helps to have the right executive coach in your corner. We completely understand the personal preferences that contribute to your behavior and your performance. These indicators are always a factor in how we coach you to be your best.

Run from the sales funneling overnight success tactics and gimmicks that the social media feed is throwing in your face every day. In fact, remove those ads from your feed when you see them and indicate that ‘they’re not relevant to me’. Because if you really want success, you have to be open, uncluttered and simply put in the work. 



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