Why Entrepreneurs Actually Do Need Someone Telling Them What to Do

entrepreneurship Dec 27, 2018

So many of the entrepreneurs that I coach are wired to take on the entire world by themselves. They dig in, work their butts off, and are simply determined to remain ‘self made’. There have even been cases of stubbornness and hesitation to work with me from the get-go. After all, you are the boss, right? But if you let me clue you in on just why it’s important to swallow your pride and work with an entrepreneurial coach.

I am able to see things in a different perspective than you could ever see those same things. For example, if you are deeply immersed in the day to day activities of your company, you might be overlooking a small software change that would save your company thousands of dollars per year in productivity. Or, perhaps a trusted friend has given you a referral for professional counsel, and because of the reverence, you fail to research this professional. It’s fair to assume that these types of situations are advantageous but disregarding the need to qualify could end up hurting you or your business.

I have seen and experienced first-hand the multiple stages of business growth, and I know exactly what it takes to overcome the challenges that entrepreneurs face at every step. I know that you know your business better than I do, but I know my business, too. If entrepreneurs never needed guidance, support and fine tuning, I wouldn’t be in business myself!

 Because capital is so crucial to the success of any startup, you definitely don’t want to lose any of it. The financial allocations have to be carefully structured; And, making a poor financial decision could mean the end of your venture (just ask the Sharks). Making the choice to hire a professional entrepreneur coach will prove to be one of the best financial business decisions you’ve ever made, and this is why.

 You will make mistakes. It’s inevitable. But having a coach in your corner means you will make fewer mistakes and you will recover from them faster. You will undoubtedly make tough choices every day, but the right coaching can determine the best solution instead of you just ‘figuring it out’. 

The cost of coaching is peanuts compared to the cost of not having coaching. If you don’t have someone advising you on how to be a successful entrepreneur, you will lose a lot of money – every hour, every day, every week… every year. You will be much more productive, make better financial decisions, employ better people, increase revenues and profit margins – and simply lead a much more enjoyable life. 

Working with an entrepreneur coach will improve your management and leadership skills, set and achieve goals to work through difficult business problems and decisions. Additionally, there will always be a balancing act between your professional career and your personal preferences. Having emotional support (outside of ‘home’) through especially difficult decisions can keep your work-life balance in check. I see clients who have improved their quality of life at home as well as at work, simply by having someone other than their significant other to turn to when they need career guidance or advice. We all know that sometimes it’s hard to get professional advice from people we love and are close to. For some, they don’t feel understood, for others, they don’t feel as though their SO is experienced enough in their field to provide the right advice. This is where my coaching plays a huge factor. I help you get to those conclusions with the right thought process and the right mindset.

Take advantage of me! I’ve walked the same path you are on many times. There's so much you can learn because I have been there, done that. Times have changed but there will always be fundamental business principles that shape our success as we grow. As your business grows and the pace of change increases, you can leverage my experience to save you time and money.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Successful entrepreneurs use coaches, educate themselves constantly, adhere to new trends, attend training course and evolve their leadership skills to overcome challenges, motivate their team and deal with complexity.


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